Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, both of us at Shark & Shark Games, Matthew Hickman¬†and Stephanie Palermo, come from a background in the video games industry, with Matt in production and Stephanie in communications, so we’ve seen a lot of games through from their early stages to launch! As much as we love video games, our spirit is rooted in sharing things with people, which is how board gaming quickly became one of our biggest hobbies (and collections: 150 and growing!).

We desire to make fun games with high replayability, where you may just also learn something when you play. We love games that are fun for two players, but can also be shared and enjoyed with a group. Quick card games that make you want a rematch immediately after, or where at the end of the game it makes you want to play again using a new, different strategy. That’s the soul of our first successfully Kickstarted game Flocks & Flyways.

If you’d like to carry Flocks & Flyways in your store, or would like to contact us with questions or comments about anything else, email us at sharksharkgames@gmail.com.


Flocks & Flyways was successfully funded on Kickstarter.